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"You've completed the game!"
It's definitely a bit hard to play in such a small format, but it's a decent prototype, I definitely got a bit of fun out of it.

I can't manage to get over 60 kills :*(
This is simple enough to be enjoyed, but complex enough to be challenging. Though I'd love to see a bit more content in a game overall, there's no real specifics I can fault you on here.

FabianJarrett responds:

I couldn't think of what else to add. Maybe bosses but the area was too small.

Thanks for the feedback.

This is decent, I honestly couldn't suggest any changes or improvements to the mechanics of the game itself, though I ran into a problem that annoyed me to no end.

My mouse is a bit broken, so it clicks multiple times with one click. That leads to me having the astounding ability to lose this game in a single click, my solution would be to make the buttons unclickable for a second after guessing.

Though I like the idea of a game where you've got to both rush to build up points, whilst also working to keep some aspect of your player from dying, this one is far too slow and far too simple.

I'd be a lot more interested in this if both the rock and player movement were increased, and if some sort of sound was added (Music, Impact sound when you hit a rock). And beyond that, if you decide to continue with making games like this, some sort of upgrade system is always nice for keeping interest in the game high.

coconutloverrr responds:

Alright, the rock speed will be increased to 2 in next update!

The controls are horrible, and it would be nice to know what they are before the game starts (Holding arrow keys scroll in most browsers).
I also highly suggest you have the tracks side by side, as it is currently it looks HORRIBLE.

Honestly the only reason I'm giving it any stars is because it's at least playable, though it's not enjoyable to play it :/

I've tried a few times to play through the game, but sometimes the battles don't end even when all of the units are off screen. Then refreshing the page to reload the game restarts progress...

Its simple and wonderful, yet now I yearn for more.

It was awesome as always! But you forgot to include your twitter!

deathink responds:

Oh, its all the way at the loading screen :)

I had a lot of fun with the game, its well done and I can't really find any bugs or issues, though I don't feel like improving time or really playing a second time XD

I like how it works at it has a fitting art style, though if there was one thing I'd want changed it'd be more upgrades and visuals to fit them better.

Also, being myself it irks me how horribly inefficient this mine looks! Dragging all that out when you have minecarts... XD

GroZZleR responds:

The track for the carts is hidden inside the mine... I don't know why they didn't bother to extend them to the surface! Thanks for playing.

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