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I was sad when the girl kept the gear I put on her... Other than that I'm loving this!

First off, why are so many of these popping up on newgrounds?
Second thing is simple, it was great! I'd prefer a bigger screen and a lot more features but it kept my attention for the 20 odd some minutes it took to beat!

DarkTimmy responds:

I dunno why there are a lot of clicker games. Kinda interesting since the whole cookie clicker and candy clicker things. Thanks for playing and there will be a sequel if people want. I enjoyed making this a lot and Steve and Max are always up for more adventures! best, -Tim

Well done, kept trying to double click on units to transform them into hellions though XD So much like anomaly, but with it's own charm!

It fits the idea well, though it's a royal pain to play through!

it was great! you can fly if you click mid air.

Accidentally hit backspace on my mouse on the final boss fight, I'm REALLY pissed that it didn't save progress!

I haven't seen one of these in awhile though it irritates me that it stops me when I'm still going fine.

Big improvement on the old ones, great job and thanks for listening to everyone! I'd love to see more after this even off browser.

I love your lore and your art style but there were a few problems here.
Gameplay - Was way too easy, all you needed was strength (I tend to abuse these things sadly)
Ending - I know it points to work later but I expected something a bit more
Time - Took way too long to do anything and it was super repetitive
Suggestions now!
Maps - It would be awesome if we had a top down map which would make our game a bit better and should ease map design for you
Combat - A bit more animation like the warrior decloaking would be awesome, other than that there needs to be a bit more variety.
Shops - Shops were nice until it cost 6 million for a new weapon, I assume it's based off of how you spend experience points as well.

The game was decent but the controls felt... slippery? I enjoyed it though.

Anything and everything at once!

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