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I've played through the entire series so far, the lore rich and entertaining, the art-style is improving and is coming out to be a real visual novel. It took me a minute to figure out the last puzzle, but other than that I enjoyed having to look around to find what I needed to continue.

The idea is nice but there's good number of things that make this more consuming then fun.

1 - Goombas without stomping.
2 - Planet side transitions, they feel pointless and take a needless amount of time.
3 - All of this combined makes the pre-defined paths to win time consuming, which feels like the only real level of difficulty.

JackAstral responds:

Okay, thanks for the criticisms. I'll look into tweaking the game around a bit asap. :)

It sucks that if I buy the wrong thing I can't progress in the story. It just gets to be too hard :/

I couldn't even get past the first mission, my units killed some of them but as soon as they got up to the base they laid down to shoot it and kept doing that doing no damage while the enemy went past them and continuously swung a the helicopter behind them to no avail.

The game just freezes on the main menu :*(

Condolent responds:

I know, apparently the code I wrote 2-3 years ago doesn't work well with newgrounds, going to update it sometime :)

Thanks for the highscore but because of that I don't think I can play through. Or else I wouldn't stop until I was #1 on all of them (I got it on first level and forced myself to stop on the second after 23 playthroughs)

I had to zoom in to 125% to see the entire screen. I also find the stock "advertise here" banners annoying. This game however is well done, especially for a demo.

Tenebrys responds:

witch screen resolution are you using ?
do you have the same display there : http://www.tenebrys.com/OverSexEd/ ?
When I will have advertisers, the "advertise here" will not be visible anymore ^^
+ there are no advertisement during the all game, only in loader and menus... it is not that much, is it?
Thank you, I'm already working on the next release :D

The highest score I've managed so far is 5593400, but man does my hand hurt! XD

OK, I like this a bit too much. Its simple and stupid fun.
I love that I can use the arrow keys, it helps a lot. I don't really have any suggestions or complaints though I'd love a larger view XD

This is pretty fun, and the simplicity only helps. The random events really kicked it up a notch as well.
There's one little thing you can abuse though, stay on the sides and the ship and monsters can't get you.
Keep it up, you're doing great :)

DannyDaNinja responds:


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