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I love it but the prem pises me off...And I wish I could auto battle evry time!

seen it in so many games...

With better looking lvls I may of liked it more but he was kinda scary and it was a bit old feeling...in a bad way...

Have I played this before?

It seems familure but it was fun untill I forgot to breathe!


Yeah I played i on MoFunZone and got the first medal then came here loged in and wow there it is?!?! But I wasnt loged in howed I get it?

its ok..

I like the game and I think you should try to take it farther then this..it kept m yattention for a bit thanks to the color shifti n the ball and the music but the pause when hte ball landed on the paddle got to be too much and I beleave the phisics were off quite a bit. If you do take this farther you should throw in bs funny movie unlockables and such. That keep people into it...and maybe ah ighscore and difficulty increase(that is mattering on your ball upkeep skills) 5000=WTF how u keep dat tingi n deh air? and such...

PHENE responds:

there is a difficulty increase, you just can see it, but it does get harder


It fit perfectly to what you said it was. now for osme of htem with the white backgrounds on them still that needs to go. my fav cursers were 1 cock joe 2 wtf


Mario meets blasthru is what i thought thanks to the pixels and paddle. The music made me think of AoE3. Though may i suggest a more varierd music option?


Someone managed to set the course of history into a game and make it noto nly followable with a story line but highly addictive! THANKS! I have no suggests for this but upgrades which would ruin the idea of the game:{


I dont see this as a copy its fairly origional and simple to use yet a challenge to set up to be able to win. the idea of a defence HAS been used but not like this. And what was lsot i nthe main guns you were given enough gold ot make up for with units which many people must have missed. Me myself only receaved 1 add so I cant complain.
I suggest next time the map can be a bit stretched but thatd complicate how its set up currently from what I see. Though id like to be able to get liek a grease upgrade or strngth boost to rol lthe basies faster for aiming. If difficulties ar added I also suggest you put in unit specific upgrades:}


Im a harcore critic but this almsot had me exit out of a 12 hour download of a VERY expensive game! Its addicting and gameplay is sperpurb though medals stoped showing me as soon as i got the drunk driver one no matter how many times i came back in...

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