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The ideas nice but there's far too many issues here.
1: First issue is that there's no saving (Which you offer on mobile) which is pointless to not put in the extra work to include here.
2: The game REALLY needs a variance in looks and some sound, its really lack luster.
3: The upgrade system, and dungeon system, both lack any sort of logical scaling whether its with gold or health/damage. Its always better to buy the first blacksmith upgrade as its adds up to be cheaper than the rest.

I can't blame you for trying, it was a good idea but...
1: Its rushed, I'm sure you know this but its clunky and honestly I think you could of done much better (As this looks pretty good as it is).
2: The "Help Markiplier" level is slow, dark, and the controls are way off. Honestly I would of loved it if it had been a bit better thought out. (Maybe a top down of you running around fending off ghouls with flashlights?)
3: The Septic Eye... I thought at first "Whoa a run around shoot em' up boss fight!" which I would of loved if it was possible to dodge 50% of his attacks. The reason its hard comes down to 3 things. First is the level size compared to the boss and his attacks. The second is the size of the bosses attacks, change attacks rather than just jumping size with the same attack pattern, I keep getting hit with walls of attacks I can't dodge. Third is the character size, I have no feeling of where he is because hes so small which makes dodging hard to begin with, an easy fix for this is for the camera to follow him around.

Rixium responds:

Yeh, I know it. I got pretty bored towards the end, and I made no attempt at keeping the code tidy which angered me as I was just sifting through it to find what I needed.
It was never supposed to be something big, just a tribute towards an Entertainer. The Boss is pretty bugged and the Markiplier level was rushed, and the controls, UGHH.
Thanks for the long review, I appreciate it. I can promise my next game will be planned and thought out more completely, in comparison to this which was mainly to get me back into development after a break.

I found it pretty entertaining, and simple enough to understand. I got all of the medals :)

Munguia responds:

Thanks Jecjokcer, my 5 years old love it too, i always test the simplicity with my son, then is so funny see how older players cant understant directions.

I loved it, and fullscreen is great! But I do have a few issues.

#1 - You missed the chance to make all of the bees income noises different! That would of made this a little less repetitive feeling.
#2 - I'd love different music, though this fits really well XD But sadly there's no separate mute button between the money noise and it. (I listen so I know when my bees have died)
#3 - I seem to have flash player crash after awhile in fullscreen :*(

I'm also a bit curios to see what a slider that auto buys bees slowly would do to improve the "wait" in this game.

rhys510 responds:

Thanks, all good points
glad you loved it XD

I like it, the jokes fit well though I'd love to see more added on to it. What exactly does "Spirit Boost" do?

I played through to ending 3, and honestly I'm happy enough with it to not continue. It was done well and as with the last I'm exited to see more :)
The simplicity of these pull them together so well, and it allows a better narrative for the story without the need to act it out in full. I love it, and can't really suggest any changes though I'd love a longer one or multiple ones brought together as a larger project.

This is almost literally the exact same game, its far too tedious to progress, copy paste artwork, lazy repetitive music...

It was pretty well done, a few things that could be improved in the next one if it comes. I'd personally like a better art style and general improvements to how building works (AI target walls behind towers before towers, upgrading was nice but the small map made some turrets feel useless).

I was also a bit sad to only see your own high score compared to mine XD
My high score 16,803 wouldn't happen to be a combination of both of my playthroughs would it? (I beat it on easy then on hard)

chad-duncan responds:

You're right. A larger map is definitely a must, and AI needs some tweaks. If I make another tower defense, a lot of general improvements would be made including art.

The score actually is based off of each playthrough added up. This gives an incentive to play again to maintain the top spot. I can, however, change it depending on what people like.

It looked great, I mean I'd buy it almost just for the looks XD
My problem is that compared to how it looked both the gameplay and the track seemed out of place and lacked much feeling.

You are Julius Mario, the weed-smoking keyboard warrior! Your destiny is to peen on Alice!

How can something so simple be so entertaining XD

Anything and everything at once!

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