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I tried to give it a chance but beyond the repetitiveness which really made it painful for me to sit here and finish the game, it was glitchy, units weren't really thought out too well, and there's a LOT of copy past from your previous games.

Art is lacking, background sucked. Lacked a good soundboard.
bonuses were poorly done.... the jettrail looked nice, and I'd love to see an upgraded version of it.

I liked it, it was a good time waster and lots of fun. Though I got really tired of clicking and I need hotkeys to buy...

The best part about this was auto clicking the smooth button.
You didn't make it clear on how to play (Having to click to catch axes).
And generally this was pretty badly done, though assuming its some of your first work I'm sure better things would come later.

Felt like there was way too much luck for what seemed like a timing skill based game. What I would like to see is better placed obstacles XD

It was well made however there were a few issues (at least for me).
Often normal waves of enemies were harder then boss fights (or even mini bosses) which made boss fights feel incredibly slow.
Apart from this at a certain point in the game (sniper/homing missiles) the spread gun bonus started to feel more like a hindrance. - Which made it being the final gun feel kinda iffy

It was a great game, but I eventually found that you can beat everything with archer spam (at least later with range upgrades). I defeated the capital before even a fifth of there army was used...

This naked chick and random dicks are ruining the perfectly good screensaver!

It's a decent prototype but there's no goal, and due to a locked view angle building was way too awkward.
Oh, and can you explain how its minecraft like? I see no resemblance.

Great story! The frozen memory had me for a minute!

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