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I'm sorry, but is there any point to this game? You give me three groups of units that I can move, and after battle heal. Literally nothing else? Do you plan to expand upon this a bit?
Other than that, I like the idea of multi-sided defenses having to be managed though I'd prefer more of a preset where I can station different types of units on different sides in waves to counter those coming.

I loved it, and would love to be able to download it to play it in fullscreen.
However I found a few problems/glitches.
1 - Fleet power could go negative as well as having a negative amount of different ship classes once all were destroyed (Happens more often with drones, scouts, and colony ships)
2 - It seems research and building does nothing after lvl 10, my population maxed out at 400, was kind of hoping that it could grow past that XD

momoguru responds:

I'm working on the bugs, i'll get em squashed asap.
also, once i get the rest of the features that have been suggested in, i will post an offline, downloadable EXE for those who want it. thanx for the awesome rating guys!!!

I've gotta say, though it took you long enough to show that you were "together" belugerin and thegames8, I did enjoy this one quite a bit! Anything that I could say other than that has been said by Cyberdevil already XD

Exactly the same as the first one..... Still a better time killer than your other clones though.

The last one was pushing it, this one crosses the line! Are you SURE your not belgurin?! Finish the game first to post it like its 3 different games.

Game plays a bit repetitive. For some reason I feel like playing Rayman again..

Was great! I would love to have the audio separately.

GroZZleR responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. Did you mean just the poem or something else?

belugerin, I've said it before but this is the last time before I do something about it. Stop pushing your shitty games onto us. They don't belong here! You seem to put no time and effort into actually FINISHING something! You just put it here to get ad revenue!

I was like LOAD, and the game was like NO! Then I was like FUCK YOU! Then games like OK! And I was like OK! I'll stay and play a bit...
All in all cant get away from it now damn you!

So it was his destiny all along to be in lucky tower?! This comes before then?! Mind is blown!

Anything and everything at once!

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