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Can't type in a private lobby code while in fullscreen :(

xWILKINx responds:

Will be fixed in the next update!

Though I like the idea of a game where you've got to both rush to build up points, whilst also working to keep some aspect of your player from dying, this one is far too slow and far too simple.

I'd be a lot more interested in this if both the rock and player movement were increased, and if some sort of sound was added (Music, Impact sound when you hit a rock). And beyond that, if you decide to continue with making games like this, some sort of upgrade system is always nice for keeping interest in the game high.

coconutloverrr responds:

Alright, the rock speed will be increased to 2 in next update!

It was awesome as always! But you forgot to include your twitter!

deathink responds:

Oh, its all the way at the loading screen :)

I like how it works at it has a fitting art style, though if there was one thing I'd want changed it'd be more upgrades and visuals to fit them better.

Also, being myself it irks me how horribly inefficient this mine looks! Dragging all that out when you have minecarts... XD

GroZZleR responds:

The track for the carts is hidden inside the mine... I don't know why they didn't bother to extend them to the surface! Thanks for playing.

The idea is nice but there's good number of things that make this more consuming then fun.

1 - Goombas without stomping.
2 - Planet side transitions, they feel pointless and take a needless amount of time.
3 - All of this combined makes the pre-defined paths to win time consuming, which feels like the only real level of difficulty.

JackAstral responds:

Okay, thanks for the criticisms. I'll look into tweaking the game around a bit asap. :)

The game just freezes on the main menu :*(

Condolent responds:

I know, apparently the code I wrote 2-3 years ago doesn't work well with newgrounds, going to update it sometime :)

I had to zoom in to 125% to see the entire screen. I also find the stock "advertise here" banners annoying. This game however is well done, especially for a demo.

Tenebrys responds:

witch screen resolution are you using ?
do you have the same display there : http://www.tenebrys.com/OverSexEd/ ?
When I will have advertisers, the "advertise here" will not be visible anymore ^^
+ there are no advertisement during the all game, only in loader and menus... it is not that much, is it?
Thank you, I'm already working on the next release :D

This is pretty fun, and the simplicity only helps. The random events really kicked it up a notch as well.
There's one little thing you can abuse though, stay on the sides and the ship and monsters can't get you.
Keep it up, you're doing great :)

DannyDaNinja responds:


I can't blame you for trying, it was a good idea but...
1: Its rushed, I'm sure you know this but its clunky and honestly I think you could of done much better (As this looks pretty good as it is).
2: The "Help Markiplier" level is slow, dark, and the controls are way off. Honestly I would of loved it if it had been a bit better thought out. (Maybe a top down of you running around fending off ghouls with flashlights?)
3: The Septic Eye... I thought at first "Whoa a run around shoot em' up boss fight!" which I would of loved if it was possible to dodge 50% of his attacks. The reason its hard comes down to 3 things. First is the level size compared to the boss and his attacks. The second is the size of the bosses attacks, change attacks rather than just jumping size with the same attack pattern, I keep getting hit with walls of attacks I can't dodge. Third is the character size, I have no feeling of where he is because hes so small which makes dodging hard to begin with, an easy fix for this is for the camera to follow him around.

Rixium responds:

Yeh, I know it. I got pretty bored towards the end, and I made no attempt at keeping the code tidy which angered me as I was just sifting through it to find what I needed.
It was never supposed to be something big, just a tribute towards an Entertainer. The Boss is pretty bugged and the Markiplier level was rushed, and the controls, UGHH.
Thanks for the long review, I appreciate it. I can promise my next game will be planned and thought out more completely, in comparison to this which was mainly to get me back into development after a break.

I found it pretty entertaining, and simple enough to understand. I got all of the medals :)

Munguia responds:

Thanks Jecjokcer, my 5 years old love it too, i always test the simplicity with my son, then is so funny see how older players cant understant directions.

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