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Its a decent idea.

I like the idea of it but a progressive background would be nice and the same buildings pasted in over and over again displeased me.
Now the enemy...they are both the same just one spins dramatically right?


I love eat and grow games like this though I gave it a 9 because #1. I don't like timers especially when theirs no scoreboard. #2. The variety of food to eat and groth should be matched with a larger ocean for my liking.


My mom plays the real match game like this go get your own idea or atleast make it a bit mroe origional then making the tiles switchable!

Good job!

For being the third trial run it was great! The hand pull set up and the speed of the poll allows you to fling him out of view though and through the floor. A bit hard to avoid that I guess but all in all I loved it!

Nameless12345 responds:

Yeah, the camera I put in very quick. I can't really move it around much without the background being misaligned with the 3-D scene. I guess I could just have a checkerboard grid or something on the ground instead.
Next time I'll have the camera follow the character - perhaps I'll give a first person mode option too!

Remember you can bring the character back into the middle of the scene by rotating the view and pressing left or right to re-center him. I know this is a pain in the ass, though. :(

The floor is designed to allow some penetration to simulate a soft surface. It's difficult to have very rigid collisions occur without creating instability.

Thanks for the comments. :)

Never again!

This was so small and idiotic but just the idea of dressing up mickey the dick made me vote it in good!


The game was stupid and simplistic but I got hypnotized by the background 5 min went by then I realized I lost the game....

darkdemonlord8 responds:

LOL It was hard even testing it out as i was working on it because of the background trance

Rip off...

It looks peaced together from a series of other games which all became increaseingly worse. The controles are clumsy and the names are just too out there to be funny. Good job on the simple upgrade set up though~!


I love upgrade games like this but the recipie mixer and no help on prices turned me away. In other words it makes you work just a little too hard.

It's OK...

The set up and evrything is great with the acception of being overly repeditive for most levels-and upgrades in the shop not lasting.


I liked it just a bit too repeditive. Great job~!

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