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I love these.

Orphi responds:

thank you

The arguement was the best part.

The endings my favorite part, I wasn't sure about it but that took the cake for me.

You did a decent job, and I liked the general feel of it. The animation may have been rough but it was pretty smoothe! I love how they are knocking themselves out to stop him.

anim8bit responds:

thanks :)!

It turned out really well, your animation worked great with the live action backgrounds.
I absolutely love how this looks and would love to see more, even just as it is its great!

Why do you always make awesome animations?

It felt like it dragged on a bit, but hey its made after a jigsaw challenge so what do you expect?

I enjoy the story, and its put together well but its hard to sit through parts like where they are talking at the beginning. Other than that the only complaint would be animation which is just something you improve over time XD

BigLipsProductions responds:

Yeah I know but as I said in the description this was soon after i learnt flash lol

I love the idea and you did well telling the story.
I do have two main issues though which will improve in time with practice XD
The animation is a bit lacking compared to the clear voice quality, but the story is enough to keep me here through it. Fight scenes like at the beginning would do well with being just a bit faster and smoother.
The voice acting is great, but the sound editing needs to be improved a bit as the sound doesen't all fit the atmosphere quite as well as it should. The ambiance is alright but needs to be worked in a bit better with the speaking, a good place to point out where better editing is needed is again during the fight scene everything sounded a bit off. Make me feel like I'm in the fight with them with the sound, not someone peaking from the background.

littlegoblet responds:

thanx heaps buddy I found this critique to be extremely helpful. I am going to submit the next installment to this story tonight, but I will put this advice to good use with the next project I do :D cause I need all the help I can get lol

I don't think I get the metaphor, but I liked the idea it just lacks visual appeal.

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