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I lost it at the end, completely and totally lost it. You hit it out of the park with this.

I loved the ending! Keep up the good work :)

ShotgunSandwichENT responds:

Thanks man, will do.

I liked it, but what does happen to all of the extra money some projects get?

You're getting there! It has the right feel and the set up is good, though as you said you need a bit of improvement still :)

Cameron-Ohara responds:

Thank-you!! :D I will endeavor to do better next time!

I can't even say anything. This was that awesome.
The rolling jokes kept on rolling, and kept on being fun.
The ending though, grandma got ran over by a reindeer? Or did grandma really use that as a cover up to kidnap Santa Claus?

danmarkowitz responds:

Stay tuned for the Christmas episode?

I liked the animation, the story is decent but as I'm sure I saw someone else say.... the writing could use a bit of improvement XD
On a side note, your artstyle reminds me of the old thundercats with a bit of a modern spin.

Also, why no widescreen?

Dakzky responds:

it's based on the game's frame size . this is just a preview to show progress to my patreons pledgers

Its OK, I'd love different music though (Maybe something LoL themed...)
Overall its a good loop, but as you have so much moving on her already it seems odd that her entire upper body is completely lifeless.

I need a gif from :33 to :40 that reaction is great!

Pennaz responds:

Done it! ---> http://pennazproductions.tumblr.com/

Sorry, I couldn't pull out anything better because tumblr just wouldn't upload it correctly!! 3:(

You managed to make something thats normally horrible (for everyone but parents and the people participating) entertaining.

I watch movies at the drive in because of this, same quality in my own area.
The people could look a bit better throughout the movie though.

Anything and everything at once!

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