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That was interesting! Where did you get inspiration for the piles faces? XD

koit responds:

From my twisted brain. :)

I fully expected the girl to get pulled with the leash, diddn't happen. Still loved it.
I know its been said but the invader zim vibe is great XD

I loved the ending, but I see some pixelation issues when they teleport (look at the guy left behind)

Carbonwater responds:

That's video corruption, something that's beyond my control.
It's not as bad when you watch it higher qualities.

I know its been said multiple times but the audio... I want to like it for what it is but the audio hurts the score.

It was great! The story line was fun and the animation was alright but I had a few issues with it which I'll list here.
1: The animation and some of the panning felt like it could be a bit smoother, but it was still quite alright.
2: The sound was a bit off synch when he threw the ball at the pickpocket - This kind of irked me.
3: I think the pickpockets snot snorting was a bit over the top, but this part may just be me XD
P.S. I loved the ending, but what did the bird do with the ring I wonder?

Bdlsito responds:

Thanks a lot for the advice , you are really on point, I 'll be working hard to improve on all those things! thanks for the review and thanks for watching. About the bird and the ring, I actually haven't thought about that it's a great question! lol, maybe I can do a small animation about it :p. Overall thanks!

Great job! I'm always exited to see more of these, and they've been improving so much!

I like the idea though I'll share the problems I have with this.
Mechs the way they are shown are stiff and have limited movement, for you to have the flexability and fighting you want an overhaul of the designs would likely be best (And would get more support).

Though it looks cool, this was done far too much like a hollywood trailer which leaves out far too much information.

If you can come back with a re-design and some writing to back then I'd give you my full support and find others to share it with as well :)

Its looking great! Though it looks a bit rough you can see and feel the work put into it, I'm exited to see more and will definitly share the campaign around a bit :)

StudioPG responds:

Thank you so much! At this point, spreading the word is just as important as direct funding.

I laughed so hard, then shared it with a couple dozen people. I don't often jump to share, but it was too great not too.
I want to see more, hear more. Why haven't I seen you around before? XD

TheGradontron responds:

thanks for the love ^^ glad you liked

More to come in the future - you havent seen more around before because this is my first cartoon I've made for the internet - wish I'd started sooner.

It turned out great (Other than that black line at the beggining, the one coming off his arm).

I'm left a bit curious where this took place however, the forest just seemed to be put there for background XD

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