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I liked it, but I find it funny that you link to your YouTube which you don't keep up to date XD

Zortov responds:

Mostly due to computer issues. Hopefully, I'll be better about it in the future.

It was a good joke but I felt it was executed in the wrong way, which it being such a long animation for such a simple joke diddn't help.

I lost it at the ending, but I diddn't quite get the feel of the animation this time around.

Great joke XD, when the guy says "omg, it's so..." his arm kinda fly's away after it leaves his mouth

It was well done, and I loved the easter egg at the end XD

Why did I laugh so much at this XD

PavsterBulldozer responds:

LOL prolly cuz u've never heard a sound like that before :P and it was so stupid and so random it caught u off guard

Laughing too hard at the voices to watch the animation... I can't even.... XD
What I could see of it was simply that the art needs more detail and definition to it. Though I like the style.

Same general issue that OssumPawesome had, though I have some good as well.
I still liked the humor and when the bean aquasition robot said "I have found beans!" as he pours it all over R3s face.
And as has been said, it felt a bit stranged wiht him having a more human voice, though it actually fit pretty well with the idea of the episode. Expecially with him being a different series of robots than the other ones.

Whats going on with her knees?

RetroSleep responds:

Animatin is to hard for me sometimes man, just cant get those knee's just perfect.

The general style is nice, and what needs to be improved is general quality (Which we all knows is just practice XD).
All in all though, I liked it!

saulogoki responds:

Thanks a lot!
I promisse i'll try to make the next one better! :)

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