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Also know as logistics XD, the sounds were perfect. And the animation well suited it, though I probably would of liked something with a bit more variety more. (In animation and theme)

It looks promising, but the trailer felt awfully slow paced for only being 54 seconds. Might just be me though XD

NCot09 responds:

I'm sure it was.....it wasn't particularly a great teaser trailer. I just wanted to introduce the concept mainly

"If I cut you would slime come out?" I loved it.

Animation was pretty good, but the joke felt short XD

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, there was originally more to it, with the can actually being donated and then attacking someone else after they realized the can didn't have a label. I was originally going to finish up that last bit but flash decided to delete those frames.
Thanks for the review!

The ending was hilarious, those shower sandles are doing a lot of good now!

I need a replay feature, and that flags animation looks a bit weird XD

Great animation and voicing XD
Is the name taking into account the meaning of Maomao?

You did everything right but the animation needs work XD. Beyond that this animation type doesen't really seem to fit action sequences...

LeffsHanid responds:

Lol thanks for the feedback! Yeah, looking back, I feel I should have picked another title.

Nice animation, and I still love the anti gravity cat jokes XD
Two issues that I had with it though, his legs look really weird when standing on the ladder (Might just be because its a cartoon). And what did he hit when he said "son of a..."? I thought it was the ladder but watching it again did he just make a pop with the lake of spray?

Carbonwater responds:

Sometimes I draw characters in a sort of a curve, hence the weirdness on the ladder.
And the "hit" was actually in the water audio file I used, I just timed it with him hitting the pee with his fists.

The animation was great, only humor I really got out of it was the hat and the back in the ball joke XD

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