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MUCH better than the first one! Loved how the goose got bigger at through the movie, intentional or not? And the bowls of Hell.....where did it go.....

Well, it's one of the better that I've seen from your class. The art was decent but seemed a bit rushed (I love the fire) But as always I'll list a few changes that should help.
1-Rolling mountains, I don't mind the peaks but there's just too many sharp angles, the background would look much better if the mountains had a bit more character.
2-The sounds of the wild are a bit too loud compared to whats happening up front (I don't mind louder wind that looks like a generally windy place)
3-Animation lineup, though the artwork is decent, I've noticed a few things such as sounds not lining up with animation such as the fire and sharpening the sword, as well as that the fire is not in the center of the melted snow, and as for how loud the wind is shouldent that cloud be moving faster?

TytanTroll responds:

Thanks alot jec, opened my eyes to a few things i didn't even personally consider haha. You've helped me further anyways thank you so much :)

Decent, I like the looks of it, though there are a few things id fix.

1- The sounds should cut off a bit smother, maybe find a longer sound and lower the volume as it nears the end.
2- A few of the buildings and the water look a bit rushed, cant we do better?

And just to keep from seeming harsh, how long did you have to work on this?

DaneHill responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will deffinately take them into consideration while I'm improving the animation.

In terms of time passed since the task was issued, around 3-4 weeks; however, this was alongside other subjects, and unfortunately, this animation took the brunt of the neglect.

The flash as a whole was perfect for what it was made for, though personally I find the message us a but clouded until the one receiving seeks more information.

And let me say this, I don't consider myself religious and I don't be leave everything that's in the bible but the message is still whole and true :)
And for you "Jewish" Christianity is a combination of Jewish teachings and those of Christ, why shun it?

I just cried from the joy of hearing this, it was buetifully narrated and animated. The simplicity of it made it beautiful.

exninja123 responds:

thank you!
glad you enjoyed it! :)

A bit off, but the ending....just keep on watching me....yeah....

Epic, I even saw one with facial emotions! But...are those masks with the yellow ones supposed to come off WITHOUT the head?

Great video, loved how you took it to the extream side of bronie lovers. Glad most of them arnt like this though or itd be a nightmare.

I voted 5! Moar tenticles!

StoneColdCrazy responds:

ten tickles for ten nickles

Obviously they dont need it.

Theyve already shut down a number of sites without this legislature, and they very well have the right to so why the hell pass something through that could harm those that arent breaking any laws?
P.S. You say you agree with Anonymous though theyve supposidly assaulted things such as the play station network and more, and are said to be responsible for much of the truely pirated and illegal goings on the web so why support them?

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

I do not agree with what they have done, but I agree with their cause. Just because I agree with their cause does not mean I support them. I am going to say this though: They have opened the eyes of alot of people out there torwards the dangers of the government's control.

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