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Alter ego?

That does not seem like an alter-ego experience. More like Kampher or something on those lines. Oh and PS. The flash was epic but to view yourself like this if your a guy useally states some phsco dramatic issues (lol)

phlim2 responds:

xD Don't worry, I view myself as a guy. I just needed something different to make my cartoon self more interesting, lol. :P


You said it was toast! Not BUTTERED toast! And what reason does he have to cal me a bitch?!? Hes the one that sounds like an 8 year old on crack!

CyanSandwich responds:

I think he just thinks he's superior to everyone because he likes (buttered) toast so much.

Wow man...

You got this from that Alice in wonderland game I think episode 2? Well anyways decent job...

StevenCarpenter responds:

I don't think i've played that one... But thanks!


They sound JUST LIKE the geiko commercials!
Oh, and I just simply don't feel that your taking this the right way or even using the right style of animation (or voice)

Kel-chan responds:

yah thats why i put a thing in the forum for voice actor... it was either this or the computer voice- but i couldn't understand that at all...

or subtitles i guess- I'm still new to actually making these things

as for the animation...i'm still experimenting with things- thx


Man this was amazeing and made my day but reminded me of rockos modern life for some reason...

ClockworkPixel responds:

really? um.. thanks away :)

Muy Gracias u turd chucker

yes that was a complament. and id say slow it down people wont be able to read it but its so fast its funny! expecaily what the kid said at the end...lol....

Darkar responds:

Thanks. :)


Keep em comeing:) although tid be nice with a few in one episode:)

Patrick-Studios responds:

Thanks! :3


i liek these stick man death things keep it up:)
although tid be better too have more fightign rather than falling:)

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

yeah true... i just wanted to finish it lol

Samurai Jack? Why?

Donkey is right this is a copy of samurai jack. Although I liek the show I have to give this a low rateing for no originality. Although if you put up another episode with more of a mix insted of a dead set seeing I got Jack out from the beginning I may rate it better:)

MonkeyPal-Media responds:

Thank you everyone for your opinions. This all was created from scratch, some original and perhaps most not perhaps. But it did take me a LOT of time to create this and I'll continue to make more Spartan the Martin, because my vision for this short is different then Samurai Jacks. Learning Flash is a learning experience and I had fun making this. People who want to continue belittling the short and me can. Most people have to start somewhere and grow. I am sorry if I offend anyone because this short is not entirely original.

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