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I laughed so hard, then shared it with a couple dozen people. I don't often jump to share, but it was too great not too.
I want to see more, hear more. Why haven't I seen you around before? XD

TheGradontron responds:

thanks for the love ^^ glad you liked

More to come in the future - you havent seen more around before because this is my first cartoon I've made for the internet - wish I'd started sooner.

I want to see more, the ending was hilarious!

Cenaf responds:

Well, i ll definitely will make something else later. But i cant promise that it will have any connection to this piece.

Alright, despite the obvious horror of this I'm going to go out of my way here to say this....
It was done well, it fit the "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" theme perfectly. The animation was alright (Beyond the whole in your face penetration, I could of gone without that)
But it was just as entertaining to just listen to the audio, that alone was pretty funny XD

SPANGLESNG responds:


The sound editing was nice, as was the video. The one problem I could see was that walking was just a bit stiff.

OldManCricky responds:

Thanks Joker! And you are quite right, I do need to smoothen out the walking animations, I'll practice with it for a while till I'm confident enough to start working on an actual film.

The art is decent, though blending for distance could be a bit better. With that in mind coloring and setting is relatively well done.
The voice acting was horrible (Sorry), it needs more range of emotion (Different pitch, better script for what to say may help).
Sounds & Effects - I know it takes time, effort, and money, but the sad thing is good sound effects and blending of them with the voices both in and out of sex scenes truely make a video. I'd personally love to commision an animation but sadly at this point I'd have to have someone else do sound.

The general point here is, the more effort and love you put into it (Even this XD) the better it will turn out. And in turn you should get more commisions/donations.

Extra thoughts - The one thing I see lacking everywhere is an adult animator community, there are people who like to do it occasionally and others who frequent making content. It would be awesome to see some of you guys working together more often, it should help you all to improve and to drive an audience as well as potential backers between you all.

Dakzky responds:

tnx for the review . i can't do much for the VA's . right now it's what the budget can offer . and VA's for these stuff are pretty hard to come by :D

It looks promising, but the trailer felt awfully slow paced for only being 54 seconds. Might just be me though XD

NCot09 responds:

I'm sure it was.....it wasn't particularly a great teaser trailer. I just wanted to introduce the concept mainly

Animation was pretty good, but the joke felt short XD

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, there was originally more to it, with the can actually being donated and then attacking someone else after they realized the can didn't have a label. I was originally going to finish up that last bit but flash decided to delete those frames.
Thanks for the review!

You did everything right but the animation needs work XD. Beyond that this animation type doesen't really seem to fit action sequences...

LeffsHanid responds:

Lol thanks for the feedback! Yeah, looking back, I feel I should have picked another title.

Nice animation, and I still love the anti gravity cat jokes XD
Two issues that I had with it though, his legs look really weird when standing on the ladder (Might just be because its a cartoon). And what did he hit when he said "son of a..."? I thought it was the ladder but watching it again did he just make a pop with the lake of spray?

Carbonwater responds:

Sometimes I draw characters in a sort of a curve, hence the weirdness on the ladder.
And the "hit" was actually in the water audio file I used, I just timed it with him hitting the pee with his fists.

I liked it, but I find it funny that you link to your YouTube which you don't keep up to date XD

Zortov responds:

Mostly due to computer issues. Hopefully, I'll be better about it in the future.

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