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Why did I laugh so much at this XD

PavsterBulldozer responds:

LOL prolly cuz u've never heard a sound like that before :P and it was so stupid and so random it caught u off guard

Whats going on with her knees?

RetroSleep responds:

Animatin is to hard for me sometimes man, just cant get those knee's just perfect.

The general style is nice, and what needs to be improved is general quality (Which we all knows is just practice XD).
All in all though, I liked it!

saulogoki responds:

Thanks a lot!
I promisse i'll try to make the next one better! :)

I actually REALLY liked it. There wasn't a single moment when I was bored with it, both with listening and watching XD

undertoon responds:

thank you very much Jecjoker

The great part of this is it's simplicity! It's nice to see something like this, wish I saw it more often. The sound was pretty good though the animation needs a bit of work.

YourPalPat responds:

Thank you for the feed back! I dont know why i like this comment so much but i do, probably because you were honest with me yet not a dick about it, Which is more rare than it should be. Sometimes it feels like there's no middle man between "Good job" and "Stop animating your awful" which leaves me with mixed messages about how i'm doing. And yeah i know i'm not the best at what i do and i don't think i'll ever be. But as long as some people like my stuff regardless of the fact by comparison my animating skills are pretty shit, Then i must be doing something right. So i'm just gonna keep at it because its what i love to do! And maybe some day i'll be someone, Thats the dream anyways. Hmmm.. that sounded pretty cliché but whatever! Thanks! -PandaguyPat

I liked it, but just as a warning that ending may cause seasures. They and related symptoms are hereditary in my family, so I found that pretty unpleasant.

Shufflehound responds:


Decent message and animation, though if only it was that easy XD, we have a long ways to go to fix the related problems that keep this from happening. Sadly though it seems not everyone would agree with it at any point in time.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks man. I really think people are beginning to change their former notions of nationalism. Its beginning to weaken and its always a good sign. I have hope :)

It was funny thanks to the content, though the collab sucked (I did watch it, and wasn't very pleased)

Cockamuffin responds:

It really did, some of it was pure shite.

That was awesome, would he still have been shot if he diddn't have his hands on EVERYTHING in the bathroom?

loberoso responds:

He would not have shooted if he simply have his hands washed after all. Haha (i think)
And thank you! =)

Not that bad of a start, haven't seen an animation with this concept in awhile!

Spoonseria responds:


Anything and everything at once!

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