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I cant wait!

Ive waited for so long for you to continue this! After seeing him alone and the witch that was seen in an earlyer show I got to wondering what is up with this place? And wheres there is one there must be more...Ive watched the others over and over awaiting this now for gods sake hurry before my skull caves in from the pressure of waiting the next part of the story!
P.S. Thanks for finaly sealing the story line and helping "Bitey" out for once. I look forward to more and I still say you should enter this in the animation festivals!

Run it to a producer this needs to go real!

I love it! Itd make a great anime! How bout finding someone to produce it?!


its great but i feel like ive seen animation close to this or another that sounded simaler......well anyways keep it it animation was smooth it was fairly funny and the ending very ironic....was he thinking about going to buy her a blizzared there for a second insted of killing her?!

Muy Gracias u turd chucker

yes that was a complament. and id say slow it down people wont be able to read it but its so fast its funny! expecaily what the kid said at the end...lol....

Darkar responds:

Thanks. :)

Im at a loss for words...

or am i? i hope you get one of the dimed down prizes this year diddnt hey used to give out like 5k to the winner insted of these prizes?


Its just amazeing but when he says he'll take her to the univers and all the other places to it sounds wround why not add a go after the to? I bet if it was there i could of listend about 20 more times:}


Glad to know the main story fully now...crazed dark ruler being crushed by a rebellion of currently unknown causes to us and now foreshadows to what will happen in #2! Cant wait for it to come out. And dinofire read this it should help a bit.


Keep em comeing:) although tid be nice with a few in one episode:)

Patrick-Studios responds:

Thanks! :3


i liek these stick man death things keep it up:)
although tid be better too have more fightign rather than falling:)

ProdigalFlashMaster responds:

yeah true... i just wanted to finish it lol


i only gave it the rateing for the music. As long as peopel keep up animations like this they are very much alive. and newgrounds isnt a war zone so stop going back and forth.

Anything and everything at once!

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