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Though I think he should of boarder hopped into Mexico :/ This flash actually seems ot have reason which is unlike CC...


I've followed the series through and still find the need to sit down and talk to you privately.

Other than that even with lack of animation I greatly enjoyed this found myself not blinking.


I like it all but the voice kind of bugged me. And the worst part is all I can tell you why is that it just didn't seem to fit the character.

Alter ego?

That does not seem like an alter-ego experience. More like Kampher or something on those lines. Oh and PS. The flash was epic but to view yourself like this if your a guy useally states some phsco dramatic issues (lol)

phlim2 responds:

xD Don't worry, I view myself as a guy. I just needed something different to make my cartoon self more interesting, lol. :P


It reminds me of Furry Tuna. And some Clockwork stuff. But what nation would be next?!


You said it was toast! Not BUTTERED toast! And what reason does he have to cal me a bitch?!? Hes the one that sounds like an 8 year old on crack!

CyanSandwich responds:

I think he just thinks he's superior to everyone because he likes (buttered) toast so much.

Wow man...

You got this from that Alice in wonderland game I think episode 2? Well anyways decent job...

StevenCarpenter responds:

I don't think i've played that one... But thanks!


They sound JUST LIKE the geiko commercials!
Oh, and I just simply don't feel that your taking this the right way or even using the right style of animation (or voice)

Kel-chan responds:

yah thats why i put a thing in the forum for voice actor... it was either this or the computer voice- but i couldn't understand that at all...

or subtitles i guess- I'm still new to actually making these things

as for the animation...i'm still experimenting with things- thx

Great job!

I really wanted to give it a 10 but a couple of scenes looked REALLY bad with the rest. just seemed like you half asses them (such as her walking and head bobbing)

P.S. A little bit of a voice re-write and re-cast and you have a solid anime!

DangerousBob responds:

Yeah thats a good point. Actually this animation was done over the span of several months. The scene you are talking about was done first and I've learned a lot since then. I should have gone back and fixed that. hmmm
I was worried about the voices too. But I think they are passable for now.


The joke couldn't be better timed! Hijack paper airplane! Hilarious!
I loved the rainbow fart joke aswell...
Oh and all the people who gave this low scores and bad reviews YOU should ALL be JIHADS! Then I dont have to read your shitty comments ever again!

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