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He had to think of something to keep him with them XD

Glad I was eating icecream when I read that last comment, or else it might not of gotten the chance to know what my monitor feels like.

I've got myself a new wallpaper.

That's a Jötunn right? Looks a bit apish but epic either way XD

Looks like samurai jack

FarturAst responds:

Thanks, i am a big fan of Samurai Jack :)

I love it! There is one problem though that I've seen and it's irritating the fuck outa me...The pineapples shadow is wrong, big time wrong. Check it please? I think you'l see it if you look.

I wanted to avoid this, but I had to give it five stars....I love the style of it (reminds me a bit of something from an anime like avatar tla, though more abstract (I know its not an abstract painting dont take it that way). Though it lacks background and focuses on the same colours with diffrent shades it just has soo much life to it! I wouldent be surprized if it suddenly became animated!
The body is perfectly perportional for a humanoid figure, the shading shows a clear light source, and the coloring is PERFECT for this kind of illustration!

I like how it looks even though it seems to be bare basic (the beggining of something more complicated and ready to be colored/altered) Her body is perportioned properly for the most part thought her right arm looks a bit larger/off comparte to her left. And as I see many have said before the head, but for me more specifically her face, it's a bit flat.
There isnt much I can say about shading because of it being more of a sketch, though it looks like the light source is clearly defined from the right.

I love it! The pencil shade is just so perfect that it gives her a pop out 3d feeling. 99% of the lines and proportions look correct for her figure with the acception of her right (our left) crotch line needing just a tad bit more definition. The shading....it gives it a feeling as if it is in colour as well as showing a proper lightsource! (almost directly above her likely a tad foward from her)
The only thing I found that really bugged me and thats just a tiny bit, is that the snakes neck is a bit smaller then it should be for how large the body is (id probably make the head a tad bigger as well)

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