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I'm loving the background, and the cream puff backpack! Spoons also make the best weapons.

Something does feel a bit off with the perspective on the character here in relation to the backdrop. It might just be the difference in the line style is just making mango pop out too much for me.

Keep up the good work ;)

ThisIsNotArchie responds:

it's alright, i do admit i'm kinda struggling with backgrounds and making it blend in with the character. thank you so much for commenting, i really appreciate it :D

I'm really sorry, but it took me at least 20 seconds to figure out what the Olympic torch wizard stood for!
I like how everyone, including the boss, seems to be enjoying this.

Butzbo responds:

it was intended as more of a brush (or something between a brush/staff), but since it's a single moving shape it does give the illusion of a torch, hahah!
Thanks for dropping by! :)

Whoa! That's a lot of views!
Also, does his left boot have a bandaid on it?
If you're wondering why you're missing half a star, I like the guy - but the background could fit him a bit better.

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man, Yeah, there is a couple band aids on him.

Haha, definitely not my kind of Bipolarity!
As always the artstyle pulls it together well, and despite simplicity it feels as full as it could be :)

Soupcat responds:

Thanks man! That's really nice!

Its nice to finally see them here! The funny thing about grey scale is that I'll never truly know if thats blood on that stool.

PiratePudding responds:

Thanks alot, glad you like the comic! :)

I plan to keep at it while I work on the film, it's far from over. ;)

Its a great start, though it feels just a bit flat XD
Will we get to see more of these? I'm looking forward to it if we do :)

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Yeah, I was struggling with trying to give it a little more life. This is the first time I have ever colored anything... or taken anything beyond the sketch phase really. So coloring/shading is something I'm really gonna have to work on.

And yeah, there will be more of this.

Looks like samurai jack

FarturAst responds:

Thanks, i am a big fan of Samurai Jack :)

Anything and everything at once!

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