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I'm not sure why, or who, is running around zero bombing your submissions, but I personally thought this was a pretty solid loop. I even ended up listening to it a few times over without realizing it!
If I had to ask for anything different was just a bit more variance, like a slight rise and decent in the music.

maxxpump responds:

I have been noticing that my star count has been dropping on the good videos with the higher view counts, hopefully audio doesn't get blammed! Damned Trolls, had problems with them on my YT account as well, so nothing changes really...Ill start making a bit more variant tracks in the future!

Please Listen? To the song? I'm not a fan, but I could see it or something similar going in as background music somewhere.

Deville706 responds:


Steady progression and good timing with the break into a higher gear after 2:00 - though the sound levels seemed a bit off balance, overall I enjoyed it.

maxxpump responds:

Thanks for your kind comment, i'm fairly new to mixing/composition (back then) and it was a bit hit and miss at times, I have improved and bought new studio monitors since and i'm now doing much better. I may do a new mix of this to see how things unfold!

I was so drawn into this THAT I FORGOT IT WAS PLAYING, this is great, you're great.

Jimmypig responds:

thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it

You did great as always! I think it'd be awesome if you had other vocalist work with you in your songs, I think the variation would add to the overall quality a bit :)

-I can only wish that I had 10$ to throw at this, these all sound great for Audiosurf 2!

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks. :)

The sound starting strong in both ears was fine, but that just made it trailing off to just right irritating, though it was a lot more noticeable at the start.

SarasDVS responds:

I didn't mean for it to do that, sorry. Guess I could have faded it in, not sure if that would help...

I liked it, was a bit more chill than I thought but it worked great for what it is.
Back-From-Purgatory really is awesome :)

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

thanks, and yes she is.

I don't favorite audio often XD

headphoamz responds:

Yesss, glad I made the cut! Thank you ^_^

I had an idea that I don't know where to start with. How would I go by using a single string of audio to make a song? And I mean warping it in any way possible, the idea is to start with just one single sample.

Rexyrex responds:

Thanks for the interesting review :P

All sounds about the same, sounds experimental not metal. come back when you know your genre.

cat-bastards responds:

lulz, you suck! >:3

Anything and everything at once!

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