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There have been a good number of times in the past where I've gotten frustrated with what I was currently working on and quickly devolved it into something deliberately horrible, whether it be writing, art, music, or video.

-This is the main reason why we never see me post here or participate in anything. So I was curious, who else runs into similar phantoms of creation?


2013-12-28 05:49:29 by jecjoker

The post that this once was is now gone forever.

Audiosurf 2 ~ NG Music?

2013-10-08 12:22:09 by jecjoker

So since Audiosurf 1 I've done lot's and I mean LOTS of tracks now that Audiosurf 2 is out I'm looking for more great music to do, any artist on NG want to let me have a go at it and possibly end up on a YouTube channel or two?

Audiosurf 2 ~ NG Music?

This unlike my other post is not self advertisement, and it's not a rant!

I'm simply saying hello, I've gone from trying to learn the hard way to sitting back for a while to watch how things work. And I've got to say, I've come to the staggering realizations that I can't do it alone though I'm not likely to have anyone be able to help me in the way I need help when I need it.

And for your enjoyment! Stupid shit.

When you think you're alone......

Wonderfull faces!

2012-10-20 08:05:49 by jecjoker

Watched hellbenders a few times and i finally stoped at just the right moment to get an amazing screen shot....tell me im not the only one to notice it!

Wonderfull faces!


2011-09-02 06:45:47 by jecjoker

All at once but yet nothing at all!