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When you think you're alone......

2013-05-08 09:13:42 by jecjoker

This unlike my other post is not self advertisement, and it's not a rant!

I'm simply saying hello, I've gone from trying to learn the hard way to sitting back for a while to watch how things work. And I've got to say, I've come to the staggering realizations that I can't do it alone though I'm not likely to have anyone be able to help me in the way I need help when I need it.

And for your enjoyment! Stupid shit.

When you think you're alone......


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2013-05-09 08:48:00

Haha, nice. As for the newspost content, eh... hello!

jecjoker responds:

Haha. Thanks, always nice to see you around the portal Cyberdevil.