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Shoutouts & Mutual cooperation?!

2013-07-12 05:58:02 by jecjoker

I know this isn't very appealing, and I'm likely to not even get a response but I've got to attempt it anyways.
As we are hoping to start posting reviews and other content on WreckedIndustries I'm looking for any artist here that may like some of there content to be shared, along with that we are also looking for some pictures fitting certain constraints to fit these posts (optional, if your interested ask)


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2013-08-29 21:39:32

Hi, I checked out your profile out of curiosity and clicked the link. I can't say I understand it in its entirety but that I'm interested in more info about it. What kind of content are you looking for? And what kind of art? Pardon me, I know this post is old but if you see this, let me know!

jecjoker responds:

It's fine that it's an old post. Right now were at a bit of an in between and are about ready to drop the old name and website, however the idea is that we were looking for people with a passion that were interested in us helping them in any way we could in exchange for them either partnering with us, or helping us with some content (Like how network channels like Machinima have directors).
The idea behind the above is that this way we can help everyone from commentators to animators get the hardware and software they need to work with. If you have raidcall or skype we can talk on one of those as well (It'd be a bit faster and easier)