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My news and what it means!

2013-03-31 07:07:21 by jecjoker

Well, despite not many people here knowing me and me not knowing many of you I still like to post the occasional news post here!

I have a new job coming up as a "content aggregator" under VISO/ (If you google it you should find what it is)
What this means is that I can bring in accounts on YouTube under my "network" when and where I please, though I do have a selection process (I check out content, one hell of a process obviously!). The channels I bring in work how they want to and the ads run are more often higher paying ads due to coming from a larger company that advertisers go directly to for ad space. With this in mind the channels post whatever they please (within YT rules and copyright laws if they want to monetize) and can get a bit of extra income off of it, though occasionally theres those who can manage to make a living off of it.

"So why post this here? It may be news for you but what about us?"
Yes, asked myself a question, take a moment to get over it...
OK lets continue with our answer! With this new job in mind not only does this give me a need to find new talent, I also need content such as games, music, and art to use which is where NG comes in. I plan to either through an agreement (like linking or a tag in video...or both?) or by providing other compensation (Monetary?) get commercial right use for some of the content on NG from the creators of stated content!

If you are interested in either of these you are free to ask me about either of them! I enjoy talking about it, and would love some people to come work with me rather than the other way around!

My news and what it means!


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